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Azriel Crew Manning Ship is one of the Indonesia Manpower supply company for maritime, offshore worker and repairing ship, as ashore worker and also seafarers. recruiting company Azriel Crew Manning Ship provide well qualified and experienced professional and skilled offs. We have in files a large number of seafarers & offshore worker duly selected and interviewed, tested and categorized, ready to travel immediately.
April 16, 2024
ACMS – founded in 2019 by Agus Setyadi for Local and Foreign Going their exclusive recruitment house for Indonesian Seafarers.
Our largest and primary client continues to be Foreign Going Carriers. today ACMS is also the exclusive provider of Indonesian Maritime & Hospitality Crew for select operators of Chinese shipping fleets & Cruise Lines. All our clients are first-class European Ship Owners/Managers & Cruise Line operators, including catering platform operators.

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Azriel Crew Manning Ship has provided officers and ratings to a very diverse fleet with a wide variance of experience and skill demands. Training continuity of the recruitments is the basis for principal’s solid crew management and support.

Crewmate Criteria

– Indonesian seaman or offshore worker
– In good mental and good health conditions
– Age between 21-55 for ratings and 22-60 for officers
– Minimum High School graduate and minimum one year sea service for ratings

– Minimum 1 year hospitality experience.
– Merchant Marine Academy graduate & at least one year sea service for officers
– International Maritime Organization (IMO) Convention standard (for seafarer )

Crew Supply & Management Services

Azriel Crew Manning Ship is an Indonesian Crew supplier of repute. We provide a wide range of manpower:


  • All ranks for the Marine Industry (Management, Operational & Support Level)
  • Marine Officers and Ratings for Cruise vessels ( Operational & Support Level )
  • Hospitality staff for the cruise industry.


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North Jakarta.

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